” Your hair is so curly.”says lovely Japanese hair stylist Yoshiko who is about to perfpom a high- tech miracle upon my tangled mane. At least I hope she is. ” So thick, so long.” She looks traumatized. I can relate. After all, I’ve had to live with these wild masses of spiraling follicles for an entire lifetime. It was me who had to endure jokes throughout grade school about sticking my finger in a light socket.
“So, you can’t do anything with it?” I ask, devestated. I knew it. Going from high frizz to sleek tresses in one treatment was too good to be true. For my whole life hairdressers have promised me straight locks before appling lots of smelly goo that achieves nothing more than creating even more frizz. I have had to suffer one disappointment after another, the worst of which was when my stepmother promised that my curls would disappear when I reached puberty. They didn’t.
“Of course I can do it.” she says, ” I can straighten any hair. Even yours.” she runs her fingers thruogh my hair, ” So dry, so coarse,”she says. Does she have to rub it in? Soon she is applying wonderful smelling glop to my thirsty locks. ” It’s all about plant technology,”she explains, citing the essencial oils and proteins in her special Japanese formula that is new to these shores.
When she uses a thioglycolic acid based solution nessesary to open the cuticles and let the goodies seep in. The process “heals” hair at the same time. “It’s a very gentle process,” she says, “It’s all in the deatails,” she says as she irons my hair strand by strand. Five hours later-apparently, I have twice the “normal” amount of hair-she’s finished and I am. for the first time, facing a very different me. A me I really and truly love! Can’t wait to fondle it and toss it around, ingenue style.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that straight hair has changed my life. No more do I have to worry about the weather. Nor do I have to weigh down my hair with a truckload of products.( Note to self: Have a yard sale.) And my whole looks is different:”More sophisticated,”someone says.”You have the face of a straight-haired person,”says someone else,”You look ten years younger,” The compliments keep coming. And, best of all, I can now have any cut I want, rather than the long, blunt style I’d been stuck with forever. Did I mention that hot guys ogle me on the streets?
Dare I mention that the next day I had a sacriligious thought? Gazing in the mirror, a feeling of panic overcame me as I realized that my hair was flat. But, when I glanced at the cover of a fashion magazine, I understood: almost everybody’s hair is flat. It’s just that I ‘d lived with big hair for too long. To alter the old adage, you can never be too thin or have hair that’s too straight.

By Debra Scott.

Testimonial Fourteen

Since I was a teenager I struggled with my hair. It was thick, frizzy, wavy and as any woman with hair like this knows, simply unmanageable. I would wash, condition, towel dry, blow dry, flat iron, fluff, brush, and hairspray every morning – and all that just to leave the house! Managing my hair was anxiety-provoking, out of control, and just plain ridiculous.

Then, I found Yoshiko.

The tedious war with my hair came to a glorious end one pleasant morning in Yoshiko’s chair and I emerged from the salon, literally, a new woman.

To this day I am in awe at how easy it is to get ready for the day. My mornings are pleasant. No longer needing to plan my time around the blow drying and straightening of a frizzy mess, I can style my hair if I want to, or leave the house with just a wash and a comb.

An enormous burden has been removed from my life and an emotional weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Like my friend says, “It’s just not working so hard anymore. It’s like your hair is happier.” Happier it is, and thankfully so am I.

Just as a surgeon must possess years of experience and skilled hands to perform successful surgery, Yoshiko is highly skilled in Japanese Hair Straightening and works on hair with the highest caliber of expertise, intuition and talent.

I recommend her with 5 stars, two thumbs up, and 4 diamonds! Thank you Yoshiko!

Testimonial Thirteen

Yoshiko has been straightening my hair for the past 10 years. My friend Liz and I live in New Jersey and have been making the trip into NYC twice a year for the past 6 years together. I learned about Japanese Hair Straightening through an article in a Beauty magazine and quickly began to research the idea. That led me to Yoshiko. I have very curly frizzy hair and have been battling with it for years. Understandably, I was nervous the first time around and feared that the process would damage my hair. However, my hair has never been healthier or shinier and I no longer spend hours blow drying and flat ironing it straight. Yoshiko, took a lot of time to carefully explain the process to me before my first appointment and then while she was applying the products also let me know step by step what she was doing. The results were amazing and I have been hooked ever since. Yoshiko is a true professional and very skilled at her trade. While Yoshiko was on maternity leave some 4 years ago, I made an appointment with a salon in NJ that was offering Japanese Hair Straightening. I had thought the process went OK, until about a week later when I began to notice a lot of breakage all over my hair. And while I was getting my haircut 2 weeks later my stylist discovered a 1” x 2\” area where the hair had completely broken off and left a bear patch. Thank goodness it was located in the back of my head near my neck. That was all I needed to further confirm that I would never trust someone other than Yoshiko to straighten my hair again! I have complete faith and confidence in Yoshiko’s expertise in Japanese Hair Straightening and have always been completely satisfied with the results. I would recommend hair straightening by Yoshiko to anyone who has dreamed of having straight healthy hair, it truly is life changing!

Testimonial Twelve

I\’ve been going to Yoshiko for around 10 years. We started out with haircuts for the first few years, but after seeing people getting the Japanese hair straightening I knew that I had to try it. I finally did it, and my hair has never looked so good or been so easy to manage. I have relatively straight hair naturally, but it is very coarse and wavy in spots. I could never grow my hair long, because anything beyond shoulder length started to look like a triangle, even with layers. It was even worse if there was humidity or after swimming. And because my hair was so unruly, I always tied it back. Constantly using hair elastics furthered damaged and kinked my hair. Since I started doing hair straightening, I was able to grow my hair out longer than it\’s ever been. And I was able to get bangs for the first time. I have so many more options than I\’ve ever had before. And best of all, I can wash and go without blow-drying or putting a lot of product in my hair. It\’s been great. I only get this treatment done with Yoshiko. I\’ve seen too many people go to other places where their hair gets damaged or worst of all, is overly straight. A surprisingly common outcome I\’ve seen happen to some acquaintances is that they straightening is too severe and their hair ends up looking dirty. My hair still has a lot of body and movement, and the nicest part is that I constantly get compliments on my \”naturally straight hair\”. Yoshiko also does some other unique treatments which have helped my hair stay healthy looking and great. I am a big fan of the deep conditioning treatment. Not only is the scalp massage great, but it really helps keep my hair looking nice, especially if I get highlights on top of the straightening. I also like the deep scalp cleansing treatment, which makes a lot of sense to me. My hair looks the best when it is as healthy as I can get it and I would imagine that starts with a healthy scalp. I\’m really happy with Yoshiko and wholeheartedly recommend her excellent work!

Testimonial Eleven

My hair has always been unmanageable. Its very curly but also very thin which is tough combination. ( You can see my hair pictures on Yoshiko’s Before&After page) I would spend hours every week trying to straighten it, always to be outdone by the slightest humidity in the air. When japanese straightening came out I was so excited, thinking this would be life changing. I went to a japanese salon in the west village that was not only highly recommended but very cheap. It seemed to good to be true and of course it was. There was definitely a reason why they were so much cheaper than fancier salons. I got my hair straightened about five times over the course of two years. Yes my hair was now straight but it was also dry, damaged, broken and falling out. I ended up having to cut it all off and spent the next year trying to get my hair back to normal. And let me tell you that was a miserable year!
So when I decided to try it again my friends and family thought I was crazy. But this time I spent a lot of time researching about the process and different salons. I found Yoshiko and knew I was in good hands when she spent twenty minutes on the phone with me listening to my concerns and addressing my past problems. While she was straightening my hair she explained every step and made me feel comfortable with the process.
Needless to say I love my hair. It looks healthy and shiny and best of all it actually has body. It doesn’t lay limp like it had before and it doesn’t break off when I brush it. I feel and look better and I get so many compliments. Everyone thinks I spend a ton of money on blow outs! My experience with Yoshiko was so positive from day one and I would recommend anyone who is thinking of straightening their hair to talk to her.

Testimonial Nine

Yoshiko is a hair goddess! I have longed for my wavy hair to be straight & tortured it for many years with blow dryers & straightening irons. Then I found about Yoshiko on her website and I went to Yoshiko & she made my hair what I always wanted it to be, completely straight & truly manageable. Not only did she change my hair, she changed my life. Now I can spend more time with my baby since I spend less time in the bathroom every day & when I traveled in Europe recently it was the first time I didn’t have to worry about converting my electrical equipment, my hair looked great naturally! Thanks Yoshiko!

Testimonial Eight

About 5 years ago I met Yoshiko. She straightened my hair using the Thermal Reconditioning or Japanese Straightening method for the first time and I have never looked back. My hair always looks so pretty now and that is just the beginning. Prior to starting this treatment I was regularly blowing out my hair 1 or 2 times per week and it would still curl especially in the rain or humidity. Now, I just wash and go and my hair always looks like it was just done! Even in humid weather, my hair is always perfect. Initially I thought it was the process itself that gave me these results. However, when Yoshiko was out on maternity leave about 2 years ago, I desperately needed a touch up and since she wasn’t available, I went to another salon. Big Mistake!! My hair just didn’t have the sleek straight look I had become accustomed to. To make this worse, I would sometimes wake up in the morning with frizzy patches that I would have to deal with – so much for wash and go! I was relieved when Yoshiko returned and haven’t been anywhere else since! Thank you Yoshiko for the care you take with each strand of my hair. I don’t know what I (or my hair) would do without you!!

Testimonial Seven

I straightened my hair for the first time about 6 years ago and have been doing it twice a year since. My hair was thick, dull and frizzy and would take me up to 90 minutes to blow dry. If the weather was at all humid then the blow drying was truly a waste of time.Unfortunately, once I tried someone other than Yoshiko because it was a more convenient location and my hair was destroyed. Yoshiko was able to repair the damage that was done immediately. EIJI is the ONLY place that has a superior expertise in the field of thermal reconditioning.
There is not other place that can give you such quality and professionalism.

Testimonial Six

I was born with naturally curly hair and was very unhappy as it was always unmanageable in humid weather and I was never able to maintain a style I liked. When I heard about the Japanese hair straightening system in 2002. I was so happy that I might finally have the straight hair I always wanted but was afraid it might damage my hair. I finally contacted a salon and met Yoshiko. She quickly put me at ease and assured me that my hair would be in even better condition after the treatment. She was right. My life has changed for the better because I no longer have to stress about my hair and waste time trying to control it. My hair stays straight no matter what the weather is and is softer and silkier than ever before. My friends are envious of how great it stays and permanent it is. I have it touched up every six months for the new hair growth and am so very happy I had the courage to try it. Yoshiko is a true professional and does a wonderful job.

Testimonial Five

My long, very thick hair always took at least 35-40 minutes to blow dry straight. However, weather/humidity would undo the best blow-out. I had my first process 10 years ago with Yoshiko and since I have gotten the process, my normally coarse, dry hair has become silky and soft. I have incredible freedom to go out in any weather, and can even get it wet without it getting frizzy. Summer no longer means bad hair days. I have seen many woman who have had the process and their hair was completely damaged. That is why I will only go to Yoshiko and have followed her to multiple salons. She has improved my hair and my lifestyle.