Yoshiko Kubo started Hair Straightening in 1993 in Japan and brought it with her to NY in 1997. She has wavy frizzy hair and always wanted straight hair without damaging it. Her dream was to find a product she could use for herself and her clients… She used Liscio on herself with amazing results. She found the perfect product for anyone unhappy with their curls. The first time she used Liscio on a client the results were astounding! Everyone that was skeptical now changed their mind. The amazing part is that it lasts for months. Yoshiko has trained many people to do this service.

Liscio Hair Straightening is the new trend with magazines, newspapers, and TVshows featuring articles daily and Yoshiko is part of the growing trend.

She is currently working at John Sahag Work Shop in NY, which is known for” Dry Cut”. She does Hair Straightening, (Thermal Reconditioning) on a daily basis along with color and cut.

It’s like one stop shopping! She’s truly an artist! She also helps clients with damaged hair from other products used in other salons. Her goal is to make her customers happy with their new hair.