Liscio works without damaging hair, it’s mild chemical that protects hair with high quality protein ( such as keratine and collagine ) The conditioner part opens up hair cuticles and penetrates deep into your hair. It reshapes the cystine bonds that switch your wavy hair cells into straight hair cells. This is done by using thermal straightening irons and naturally straight and healthier for months.

Yoshiko leaves Liscio in just long enough that hair has body and looks natural. People will think your hair is naturally straight! She feels pin straight hair just hangs and doesn’t fit anyone’s face. Her unique techniques make your hair look as natural as possible. Your hair becomes so manageable you can have any hair style you want!

Yes, It will not damage your hair. Yow will discover much more information about australian online pokies easy withdrawal. This treatment is very safe, If your hair is treated propely. In fact, by using high quality protein it makes your hair moisturized and healthier.

Yes and No. Depending on how damaged your hair is. Any hair that is extreamely damaged, Yoshiko will not do. She has to make it healthy first.
Most of the time treated hair ( with color only ) is fine to use the product. Half or Partial highlighted hair is ok also. Full head of highlights or double process highlights you should consult Yoshiko first and she will tell you if it’s safe to use.

Depending on how long you have been doing this process. People think henna is all natural but it’s not. The metallic dye does not allow Liscio to take to the hair. On semi-parmanent color, most cases are fine.

When Yoshiko does your straightening it takes 3-4 hours. Depending on the length of your hair it could take less time.

Minimum 2 weeks to 4 weeks after the treatment your hair is still sensitive to have other chemical services. It may loose the texture, but it won’t go back to curly or wavy.

Approximatery48-72 hours. Do not ponitail or pin your hair back it will leave a mark in your hair. If your hair gets wet before 48 hours pleasse dry your hair immediately. As long as keep your hair dry, the process will be done completery. However, it is aslo recommended that you do not exercise within 48 hours.

Depending on how curly or wavy and long or short, anywhere from 3-12months.

Your new growth hair can be made straight again without touching any other part of your head. The original hair is protected by creams with protein lotion in it. It takes the same amount of time for a touch up as doing the entire head.

Please use Nanoamino shampoos and Nanoamino conditioners by Neway Japan. (I have them in my store page)These are the best home care products for your straightening. They are very gentle and have amino-acid base which is effective on keeping your hair straight with moisture in. There are products and lotions for blow drying your hair that protect it from heat damage. Yoshiko also does Japanese deep conditioning treatment at the salon. This makes your hair super shinny, smooth, silky, and soft. It is amazing!

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