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Testimonial Eight

About 5 years ago I met Yoshiko. She straightened my hair using the Thermal Reconditioning or Japanese Straightening method for the first time and I have never looked back. My hair always looks so pretty now and that is just the beginning. Prior to starting this treatment I was regularly blowing out my hair 1 or 2 times per week and it would still curl especially in the rain or humidity. Now, I just wash and go and my hair always looks like it was just done! Even in humid weather, my hair is always perfect. Initially I thought it was the process itself that gave me these results. However, when Yoshiko was out on maternity leave about 2 years ago, I desperately needed a touch up and since she wasn’t available, I went to another salon. Big Mistake!! My hair just didn’t have the sleek straight look I had become accustomed to. To make this worse, I would sometimes wake up in the morning with frizzy patches that I would have to deal with – so much for wash and go! I was relieved when Yoshiko returned and haven’t been anywhere else since! Thank you Yoshiko for the care you take with each strand of my hair. I don’t know what I (or my hair) would do without you!!

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