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Testimonial Fourteen

Since I was a teenager I struggled with my hair. It was thick, frizzy, wavy and as any woman with hair like this knows, simply unmanageable. I would wash, condition, towel dry, blow dry, flat iron, fluff, brush, and hairspray every morning – and all that just to leave the house! Managing my hair was anxiety-provoking, out of control, and just plain ridiculous.

Then, I found Yoshiko.

The tedious war with my hair came to a glorious end one pleasant morning in Yoshiko’s chair and I emerged from the salon, literally, a new woman.

To this day I am in awe at how easy it is to get ready for the day. My mornings are pleasant. No longer needing to plan my time around the blow drying and straightening of a frizzy mess, I can style my hair if I want to, or leave the house with just a wash and a comb.

An enormous burden has been removed from my life and an emotional weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Like my friend says, “It’s just not working so hard anymore. It’s like your hair is happier.” Happier it is, and thankfully so am I.

Just as a surgeon must possess years of experience and skilled hands to perform successful surgery, Yoshiko is highly skilled in Japanese Hair Straightening and works on hair with the highest caliber of expertise, intuition and talent.

I recommend her with 5 stars, two thumbs up, and 4 diamonds! Thank you Yoshiko!

Testimonial Thirteen