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Testimonial Thirteen

Yoshiko has been straightening my hair for the past 10 years. My friend Liz and I live in New Jersey and have been making the trip into NYC twice a year for the past 6 years together. I learned about Japanese Hair Straightening through an article in a Beauty magazine and quickly began to research the idea. That led me to Yoshiko. I have very curly frizzy hair and have been battling with it for years. Understandably, I was nervous the first time around and feared that the process would damage my hair. However, my hair has never been healthier or shinier and I no longer spend hours blow drying and flat ironing it straight. Yoshiko, took a lot of time to carefully explain the process to me before my first appointment and then while she was applying the products also let me know step by step what she was doing. The results were amazing and I have been hooked ever since. Yoshiko is a true professional and very skilled at her trade. While Yoshiko was on maternity leave some 4 years ago, I made an appointment with a salon in NJ that was offering Japanese Hair Straightening. I had thought the process went OK, until about a week later when I began to notice a lot of breakage all over my hair. And while I was getting my haircut 2 weeks later my stylist discovered a 1” x 2\” area where the hair had completely broken off and left a bear patch. Thank goodness it was located in the back of my head near my neck. That was all I needed to further confirm that I would never trust someone other than Yoshiko to straighten my hair again! I have complete faith and confidence in Yoshiko’s expertise in Japanese Hair Straightening and have always been completely satisfied with the results. I would recommend hair straightening by Yoshiko to anyone who has dreamed of having straight healthy hair, it truly is life changing!

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