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Testimonial Twelve

I\’ve been going to Yoshiko for around 10 years. We started out with haircuts for the first few years, but after seeing people getting the Japanese hair straightening I knew that I had to try it. I finally did it, and my hair has never looked so good or been so easy to manage. I have relatively straight hair naturally, but it is very coarse and wavy in spots. I could never grow my hair long, because anything beyond shoulder length started to look like a triangle, even with layers. It was even worse if there was humidity or after swimming. And because my hair was so unruly, I always tied it back. Constantly using hair elastics furthered damaged and kinked my hair. Since I started doing hair straightening, I was able to grow my hair out longer than it\’s ever been. And I was able to get bangs for the first time. I have so many more options than I\’ve ever had before. And best of all, I can wash and go without blow-drying or putting a lot of product in my hair. It\’s been great. I only get this treatment done with Yoshiko. I\’ve seen too many people go to other places where their hair gets damaged or worst of all, is overly straight. A surprisingly common outcome I\’ve seen happen to some acquaintances is that they straightening is too severe and their hair ends up looking dirty. My hair still has a lot of body and movement, and the nicest part is that I constantly get compliments on my \”naturally straight hair\”. Yoshiko also does some other unique treatments which have helped my hair stay healthy looking and great. I am a big fan of the deep conditioning treatment. Not only is the scalp massage great, but it really helps keep my hair looking nice, especially if I get highlights on top of the straightening. I also like the deep scalp cleansing treatment, which makes a lot of sense to me. My hair looks the best when it is as healthy as I can get it and I would imagine that starts with a healthy scalp. I\’m really happy with Yoshiko and wholeheartedly recommend her excellent work!

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